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Bio-Essence Skin Care


Bio-Essence Bio-Renew Full-effect Revitalizing Deep Exfoliating Gel Hydra Formula Singapore Brand

Pre-ordered 2021-01-25

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For any skin, mild gel texture, no scrub particles, can be used every day and remove old dead skin cells, activate keratin self-renewal energy, smooth and purify pores, help skin absorb subsequent skin care ingredients, maintain skin health Translucent.

  • Add unique formula BIO ENERGY COMPLEXTM to enhance skin's self-repair and renewal ability to activate skin and energize skin
  • The royal jelly is effective in deep moisturizing without taking away moisture. After exfoliation, the skin remains moist and delicate without tension, and it is healthy and healthy.
  • Emptyly remove old dead skin cells, enhance skin absorption, remove blackheads, lightly control oil, and fine pores
  • Instantly brighten dull complexion, smooth and rough, soft and smooth skin, long-lasting wear and zero floating powder

Main ingredients:

Bioenergy ComplexTM and Royal Jelly

In the dry state of the face, apply a proper amount to the face and neck, and gently circle for a while until the particles appear, wash with water, and then clean with a cleansing cream.


60 g

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