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Bio-Essence Skin Care


Bio-Essence Platinum Energy BB Cream Singapore Brand

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Set the foundation, concealer, isolation, repair, oil control, anti-oxidation, moisturizing, smoothing fine lines, whitening, skin rejuvenation, all in one, creating flawless and translucent nude makeup for the skin, exuding young and natural beauty from the inside out , glamorous!

- Platinum contains water-soluble and anti-oxidant ingredients, which are effective against free radicals and promote skin vitality.
- Bright skin, which can reduce fine lines or wrinkles
- Light powder, cover your face and create flawless nature Nude Makeup
- Fine pores, smooth skin
- Rich in THANAKHA bark extract, effectively whiten skin and keep skin cool
- Provide rich herbal, mineral and trace nutrients to promote skin vitality and health
- Balance skin oil secretion
- Protect skin from UV rays and external pollutants
- Lasting moisturizing and prevent skin dryness
- Shows flawless natural nude makeup, looks younger More attractive

Main ingredients:

Platinum extract, THANAKHA bark extract, ginseng, bioenergy solution

After completing the basic skin care procedure, apply a proper amount of BB cream to your hands and apply BB cream evenly on the entire face in a tapping manner, then apply it to the neck to avoid different skin color on the face and neck.