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Bio-Essence Skin Care


Bio-Essence Bio-Bounce Collagen Bore Mask 50g Singapore Brand

Pre-ordered 2020-12-02

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Enriched with collagen and bird's nest essence, it moisturizes the skin all night long, while replenishing moisture and long-lasting repair, so that the skin is more supple and elastic, and wakes up the skin more full and shiny.

  • Add unique formula BIO ENERGY COMPLEXTM to enhance skin's self-repair and renewal ability to activate skin and energize skin
  • Adding bird's nest essence and hydrolyzed collagen rich in high-efficiency nourishing ingredients to repair and improve the skin that is not full and rough due to lack of collagen, instantly restore the original smoothness of the skin, and instantly full and translucent
  • Energy Whitening peptide improves dullness and moisturizes skin, quickly brightens skin tone
  • It can be used during the golden sleep in the night, repairing the lock water all night, repairing the skin from ultraviolet and environmental damage during the day and blocking the precipitation of melanin. Every time you wake up, the skin will show a healthy and lustrous luster
  • Effectively fades fine lines and dry lines, deeply moisturizes, prevents moisture loss, and restores smooth and smooth lines
  • Unique super-memory jelly texture, rich in high-concentration collagen, deeply moisturizing, instantly tightening skin and pores, skin instantly rebounds

Main ingredients:

Bioenergy ComplexTM and Bird's Nest Essence

Apply a proper amount to the face daily and leave it for 10-15 minutes before washing. It can also be used as a sleep mask and cleaned with a cleansing cream every other day.



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