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Bio-Essence Bio-White Whitening Essence Extract Singapore Brand

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Adding natural camellia extract and high-efficiency whitening ingredient WHITE PLUS COMPLEX, combined with the pharmaceutical whitening ingredients WHITENOL and Huanbaisheng peptide approved by the Japanese and Korean governments, accelerates skin renewal metabolism, disintegrates stubborn spots, and tests confirm 100% reduction Light melanin, brightens skin tone by 39% for 7 days, suitable for sensitive skin.

- Interferes with melanin, diminishes freckles and stubborn spots, evens skin tone and brightens to darken and yellows.
- Arbutin is extracted from bearberry leaves and has natural ingredients that effectively block melanin formation and reproduce skin's soft radiance.
- High-efficiency whitening formula consists of Huanbaisheng peptide and a variety of mild and powerful skin lightening factors, long-lasting whitening and moisturizing, leaving skin white and pure
- Natural Camellia extract with excellent moisturizing power, can Keeps your skin locked with water, and the skin is white and red

Main ingredients:

Camellia extract, arbutin, high-efficiency whitening ingredients and Tanaka bark extract

After cleansing in the morning and evening, apply an appropriate amount to the face and neck, and use it in the spot.