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Babymate Household Thermometers Made in Taiwan Age 0+

SKU: BM-084

Babymate Infant Care Set BM-011 Thermometer +ME8202X Nasal Absorber

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Product Features:

  • Quantity, room temperature, milk temperature and water temperature
  • Quick measurement, results in one second
  • German temperature probe with high accuracy
  • Non-contact temperature measurement, convenient and hygienic
  • 38°C fever warning
  • Black LCD, clearer fonts
  • 16 temperature measurement memories
  • Power saving function
  • Easy to operate, lightweight and easy to carry

Product Features:

  • Applicable to newborn babies
  • Safety, hygiene and gentle absorption of BB booger, reducing backflow of water
  • Water repellent design
  • The nozzle and the nasal sinus can be removed for cleaning and high temperature disinfection
  • Streamline penguin-shaped design, easy to grasp, can stand without fear of falling down and let the nose leak out
  • The silicone nozzle specially designed for infants and young children, soft and comfortable
  • Use 2 AA alkaline batteries
  • Manufactured by Taiwan's fine manufacturers, approved by ISO9001, ISO13485, GMP, etc.
  • Products have passed CE and FDA testing

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