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Babycup Baby Learning Cup A set of four British brands

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Product Features:

  • Made in the UK
  • Applicable for more than 4 months
  • Size for small hand balance grip
  • Capacity scale to accurately grasp the amount of baby drinking
  • Good cleaning, safer and more hygienic, reducing the chance of tooth decay
  • PP material, no bisphenol A, heat resistant 100-120 degrees
  • Fun and lovely colors, baby can't put it down
  • Cup size: 5 cm high
  • The diameter of the cup is 4.5 cm
  • 1 box of 4 drinking cups
  • British dentist recommended "British Babycup Baby Learning Cup"
  • Applicable to 0-3 years old treasure. Baby cup can be used for baby's daily drinking cup or drinking cup after one year old
  • It reduces the chance of deciduous teeth. "Don't underestimate your baby's learning ability!" Little babies love to learn and imitate the behavior of adults. Look at the drinking cups of adults, and the baby wants to try it.
  • Try to help your baby prepare a baby cup that is suitable for small hands, so that the baby can drink like an adult when using the meal, which can help build the baby's independence.
Seven characteristics:
  • Small but just good size, 5 cm high, suitable for small hand balance grip.
  • Transparently visible, the cup has a capacity scale to accurately grasp the baby's consumption.
  • Small circumference design and smooth edge design ensure safe drinking water.
  • It is safer, cleaner and more hygienic than ordinary sucking cups! (Generally, sucking cups are easy to remove dirt and easy to clean)
  • Cute colors, attracting baby, can't put it down!
  • PP material, no bisphenol A, heat resistant 100-120 degrees, machine washable.
  • Reducing the chance of tooth decay and helping to keep your teeth healthy.

8 reasons why your baby needs Babycup:

  • Sucking and learning. Experts point out that open cups are the best for your baby and children! Baby can start learning to use autonomous drinking cups as soon as possible.
  • Dental health.. The dentist unanimously recommends that the open cup helps prevent tooth decay because it reduces the baby's long-term sucking of the bottle or the nipple and prevents bacterial growth.
  • The bite is correct. The British orthodontic specialist pointed out that the use of an open cup can enhance the use of the baby's small hand muscles, stimulate correct occlusion and facial development, and help reduce the uneven growth of teeth.
  • The articulation is clear. The speech therapist recommends using an open cup to position the tongue correctly and without affecting language development.
  • Small hand size: The size of the 50 ml small cup designed for small hands is good for grasping and learning, and improving the baby's sense of self-drinking.
  • Fine action: Helps hand fine movement development and flexible use.
  • Excellent quality. Made in the UK, the cup edge is smooth and not easy to break. Contains no BPA and plasticizer. PP material is heat resistant to 120 degrees, dishwasher safe and steam sterilizer.
  • Health Trends: More and more countries are beginning to address the issue of children's milk care, and Hong Kong is no exception. The problem of milk teeth will greatly affect the development of permanent teeth in the future.

How to get started..

Step1.. Put your baby on the dining chair.

Step2..Teach your baby to hold the cup with both hands and guide the baby to pour the drink into the mouth. (The first study can be repeated 3-5 times)

Step3.. Drink with your baby. Please give your appreciation and encouragement when your baby is drinking properly.

Step4.. Observe the baby's learning status and adjust the amount of drinking each time.

UNICEF recommends: Baby should use a cup to drink milk from the age of one.

So when your baby starts at 1 year old, try replacing the bottle with a baby cup.

Experts recommend! “Babycup Baby Learning Cup” is a good choice for your baby's health!

-Dr Derek Mahony, Orthodontist (Language Development Therapist)

International Parenting Magazine Awards: "The Smartest Parenting Products!" Make Mother's Parenting Life Easier~

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