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BabyBjörn Potty Training Made in Sweden 1 Year Warranty

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BabyBjörn Smart Potty

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  • Compact and practical potty
  • Sturdy and comfy
  • Easy to empty and clean
  • Designed and made in Sweden
  • Child-friendly materials
  • Smart design with soft contours
  • High splashguard prevents spills
  • Practical handle
  • Long lifespan

    When your child starts potty training is highly individual and this makes it difficult to recommend a suitable age. Use the potty when your child seems ready.

    Weight and dimensions
    Weight of potty: 540 g
    Dimensions: 25.5 x 33 x 16.5 cm

    Smart Potty is made of polypropylene (PP) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).

    Care instructions
    The potty is easy to clean, thanks to its convenient inner potty. Use the clever handle at the front to lift out the inner potty, empty it, and wipe or rinse under running water.

    Tested and safe
    All bathroom products from BABYBJÖRN comply with the relevant safety requirements for plastic in both Europe and the USA. This means that the plastic we use undergoes continual rigorous testing for Bisphenol A (BPA) and other harmful substances. This is important to us!"


  • 瑞典品牌,瑞典製造
  • 為您的孩子提供舒適體驗
  • 曲線柔和的人體工程學設計。
  • 方便實用
  • 佔用最少的空間,便於隨身攜帶。
  • 便於保持清潔
  • 內置便壺易於取出、倒空和清潔,並有防濺板可防止灑漏
  • 體積小巧,是小浴室的理想之選
  • 坐便椅採用不含PVC 的可回收塑料製成


  • 材料: PP, TPE
  • 尺寸: 25.5 x 33 x 16.5 cm
  • 重量: 540 g
  • 產品保養: 取出內置便壺,使用濕抹布或者在自來水下沖洗,即可保持坐便椅的清潔
  • 一年品牌保養