BabyBjörn Baby Cradle

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Product Features:

  • Swedish brand, made in Bosnia
  • The cradle is uniquely designed. Parents can easily shake the blue with their hands or feet, and the baby's own movement will also make the blue shake gently, which will help the baby relax and make it fall asleep quickly
  • The cradle is surrounded by breathable and soft mesh fabric, which allows the baby to breathe freely even if the baby's face is blue.
  • No need to lay a protective pad on the cradle, don't worry about your baby's small hands or feet stuck
  • Parents are more able to see if their baby is sleeping safely through a transparent mesh fabric
  • The cradle is small and light, easy to move from one room to another, and parents can guard their baby, day or night.
  • Available for newborns up to 6 months (weight not exceeding 18 lbs / 8 kg)
  • The fabrics are soft and gentle, do not irritate the baby's delicate skin, and can be safely accessed. These materials have passed the standards for baby products and do not contain any substances harmful to health
  • A modern baby cradle with a stable structure. Protective anti-slip pads prevent the cradle from moving around and protect the floor.

Other information;

  • Applicable age: Newborn baby to 6 months or so
  • Maximum load: 18 lbs / 8 kg
  • This cradle can be used until the baby weighs 18 lbs / 8 kg, or the baby can sit, squat or stand without help
  • Assemble: The Cradle cradle is very easy to assemble, and the product already contains everything you need - two screws and a wrench
  • Weight and size:
    • Cradle weight: 13 lbs / 6 kg
    • Mattress: 14 x 28 inches / 36 x 72 cm
    • After assembly: 23 x 31 x 26 inches / 58 inches x 79 x 65 cm
    • After folding: 23 x 31 x 5 inches / 58 inches x 79 inches x 13 cm
  • Material:
    • Main fabrics, mesh fabrics and liners: 100% polyester
    • Mattress cover: 100% cotton
    • Bed legs: wood and steel
    • bed foot: TPE plastic
    • Mattress: Polyether Sponge
  • Includes a matching mattress. Do not put any other mattresses in the cradle
  • Washing instructions:
    • Cradle Fabric: Machine wash in warm water (40 ° C)
    • Mattress and cover: hot water machine wash (60 ° C)
    • Wash separately with a mild, non-bleaching detergent. Do not dry.