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Product Features:
Guide the baby to observe the outline of each object, repeat the paste with repeated scenes, and learn repeatedly. In the game, naturally improve IQ intelligence, which is the most needed cognitive learning book for children's enlightenment learning stage.
Baby Fun Learning Sticker - Animal Kingdom
Baby fun learning book - animal kingdom
■ Product introduction
Read + Move and enjoy the new reading fun!

guide the baby to observe the outline of each object, with a rich scene repeated paste, Repetition, in the game naturally enhance the IQ intelligent, young children enlightenment learning phase, cognitive learning book is most needed.

1. Open the game book, text and image understanding.
2. Pick up the image component and observe the outline on the scene.
3. Stick the image component back to the correct position.
4. Look at Chinese and English words.

※ contents / Gifts: 27 image component
■ Product Features
There are 5 theme scenes, 27 image components! Happy to paste, easy to learn cognition!
1. Rich in color and vivid in appearance, let the baby know cute animals in the game of watching pictures.
2. Match the search for shadow games, let your baby develop observation skills, and recognize the growing environment of various animals.
3. Make the background of the baby's most interested zoo, let the baby know the common animals, parents can take the baby to the zoo at the same time, let the baby learn the cognition.
■ Product Features
1. Find shadow matching game
Observe the outline on the book page, compare the shape, paste the correct image, and train your baby's observation.
2. Learn the cognition in life
Let the baby picture and text, know 27 cute animals.
3. Establishing the concept of classification of objects
It is divided into five scenes, which allows the baby to understand which scenes the animals should be attached to and establish a classification concept.
4. Improve focus and logical thinking
In addition to observing the outline, you should also consider the appropriateness after the image is attached. Parents can ask the baby: Is the whale stuck in the sea? Where is the zebra posted? Let the baby learn to think.
5. Develop hand-eye coordination
Repeated observation and pasting actions can train your baby's hand muscle development and hand-eye coordination.
6. Learning Chinese and English Vocabulary
Simple English vocabulary, let your baby strengthen the language ability, and unconsciously learn Chinese and English words in the game.
■ Product Specifications
[Windmill] Baby Fun Learning Sticker Book - Animal Kingdom
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Windmill editors
appropriate reading age: 2 years old
bar code: 4714426206132
size: 26 * 20.5 * 5cm
Pages :-page, color, paperback, phonetic
Date of publication: November 2017