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b&h Swiss Household Thermometers Made in China

SKU: 371201_229400

b&h Swiss non-contact infrared thermometer bath thermometer set Swiss brand

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Non-contact infrared thermometer product features:
  • Using GE imported high-precision infrared sensor from the United States
  • Human infrared measuring chip, automatic measurement, the error does not exceed plus or minus 0.2
  • The internal algorithm of the instrument and the target emissivity are corrected and converted into a hot-pot stack of the temperature values of the measured target, ensuring that each measurement is accurate and stable
  • Three modes of alarm templates: Three-color backlight is not just a fever reminder, even clear readings at night, careful care of the baby and reducing mother's concerns
  • Align the forehead 1-3cm distance and quickly measure the result with one click
  • Can store 50 sets of data for easy comparison and analysis, so that mothers can observe the baby's situation
  • 10 seconds without automatic shutdown, low-cost design, thermometer using ordinary 5th battery
  • Non-contact, measurement is more convenient, baby will not cry, avoid cross infection
  • Tips in silent mode: Baby can use it while sleeping, mother doesn't have to worry about the sound of the baby disturbing the baby

Other Information:

  • Measurement range: 34 - 42.9 degrees Celsius
  • Measurement distance: 1-3 cm
  • Measurement time: less than 2s
  • Power: DC 3V, two AAA alkaline batteries
  • Contents: thermometer, manual, storage bag, battery

Bath & Bathroom Thermometer Features:

    • Swiss popular baby products brand b & h Create safe and easy-to-use products for BB. The full range of products are double-certified and comply with ISO international EU standards. Safety and quality are guaranteed
    • Fashionable and cute, it is loved by all walks of life, and it is also the baby's choice for parents and parents.
    • The temperature of the baby's bath is recommended to be controlled at 37 to 40 degrees Celsius.
      • If the LED light flashes green, it means the water temperature is equal to or lower than the preset temperature of 32 degrees Celsius
      • If the LED light flashes red, it means the water temperature is equal to or higher than the preset temperature of 39 degrees Celsius
      • There are clock and timing display functions to display water temperature and time
      • There is a time setting function, and at some time, it will ring.
      • Using lithium electromagnetic
      • Compliance with EU standards

    • This product is not just a thermometer, but also a clock and timing display function. When the thermometer is in the water, the clock function will be turned off. The timing function will be activated and displayed at the same time to remind the parents to pay attention to the length of the baby bath. The yellow duckling is cute and is a baby shower. The best playmate of the time, can also be placed in the room or living room to monitor the temperature inside the room

    Other Information:

    • Temperature Unit: oC or oF
    • Clock function
    • Timekeeping feature
    • Resolution: 0.1oC
    • Accuracy: +/- 1oC