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Product Features:

  • Using GE imported high-precision infrared sensor from the United States
  • Human infrared measuring chip, automatic measurement, the error does not exceed plus or minus 0.2
  • The internal algorithm of the instrument and the target emissivity are corrected and converted into a hot-pot stack of the temperature values of the measured target, ensuring that each measurement is accurate and stable
  • Three modes of alarm templates: Three-color backlight is not just a fever reminder, even clear readings at night, careful care of the baby and reducing mother's concerns
  • Align the forehead 1-3cm distance and quickly measure the result with one click
  • Can store 50 sets of data for easy comparison and analysis, so that mothers can observe the baby's situation
  • 10 seconds without automatic shutdown, low-cost design, thermometer using ordinary 5th battery
  • Non-contact, measurement is more convenient, baby will not cry, avoid cross infection
  • Tips in silent mode: Baby can use it while sleeping, mother doesn't have to worry about the sound of the baby disturbing the baby

Other Information:

  • Measurement range: 34 - 42.9 degrees Celsius
  • Measurement distance: 1-3 cm
  • Measurement time: less than 2s
  • Power: DC 3V, two AAA alkaline batteries
  • Contents: thermometer, manual, storage bag, battery

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