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b&h Swiss three-in-one warm milk Swiss brand

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Product Features:

  • Swiss brand Hong Kong licensed
  • 3 in 1 function: warm milk, hot food, disinfection
  • It can be heated to the specified temperature according to the selected function, and then constant temperature
  • Equipped with imported food grade PP food cup, convenient for heating food supplement
  • Can be sterilized nipples, forks and other gadgets
  • 3-button rotary switch, easy to operate


1. Feeding at night, no need to adjust the water temperature
just add boiling water to the bottle, then put the warm milk knob to the "warm milk" position, you can keep the temperature constant, when the BB wants to drink milk Add milk powder and brew. The outer ring of the knob has a small light, and the intimate design is more convenient for night use.

2. Mother's tonic, no need to heat the fire
Mother's soup during the month of sitting, put it in a container and put it in a warm milk bottle to keep it ready to drink

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