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Aquasana AQ-4100 skin bath filter can be installed by yourself

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Removal of chlorine, chloramines, synthetic chemicals and harmful contaminants, strong antibacterial and improved air quality
  • Aquasana beauty bath filter uses coconut shell activated carbon and patented copper-zinc alloy medium to remove more than 90% of chlorine content
  • Effective removal of chloramines, synthetic chemicals and harmful contaminants, potent antibacterial
  • Create a natural beauty liquid to achieve the dual effects of beauty and health
  • At the same time, the use of innovative countercurrent design can maintain stable water pressure
  • Increase the contact time between the water flow and the filter element to make the filtration more complete and the water flow more

Design Features

  • In Aquasana, the investment in technology is to make life easier. Aquasana Beauty Bath Filters take into account the needs of users and adopt a very humanized design to open a smart life.
  • No installation tools required: no cumbersome installation process, easy for everyone to install
  • Strong and beautiful design: High quality ABS material, first-class texture, green and healthy, harmless to water quality
  • Smart Filter: High quality filter material in the industry to ensure clean water
  • Long life: Effectively inhibits the formation of hard scale, which can be used by a family of four for 6 months (assuming 15 minutes for each bath, a total of 960 baths), saving time and worry, and easy replacement, no worries

Beauty effects
Everyone knows the importance of healthy water to the human body, but few people know that skin also needs healthy and clean water. Chlorine-containing water toxic substances evaporate when bathing, easily cause skin irritability, dryness, and even cause skin aging to accelerate, hair falling... Aquasana beauty bath filter to remove chlorine, chloramine, synthetic Chemicals and harmful pollutants keep you away from the "gentle trap" of the water world.

  • Skin
    • Clean moisturizing / youthful skin / delicate smooth / wrinkle prevention / relieve dry and itchy skin / auxiliary treatment scales
  • hair
    • Strong hair / Say goodbye to fragile / Reduce hair loss / Extend hair coloring / Restore hair shine
  • Body
    • Accelerate metabolism / promote blood circulation / relieve stress / relieve fatigue

Filtering principle of filter cartridge
Aquasana beauty bathing water filter, using double-layer filtration technology of coconut shell activated carbon and copper-zinc mixed gold, the filtration effect is upgraded, which is one of the few bathing water filters on the market that can remove chloramine. One of the devices.

  • Countercurrent design
    • Maintain stable water pressure, prevent water flow from clogging, increase contact time between water flow and filter element, make filtration more and water flow more.
  • High concentration coconut shell activated carbon
    • Coconut activated carbon is a natural adsorbent and is recognized as the best carbon filter in the world. Irregular microcrystalline structure, high-density pores and large surface area determine that it can strongly adsorb residual chlorine, chloramine compounds, insecticides, herbicides and other organic compounds, and can eliminate odor and balance the pH value of water.
  • High-tech antibacterial copper-zinc alloy
    • High-purity, fine-grained copper-copper-zinc alloy, which exchanges electrons with pollutants through redox reaction, turns pollutants into harmless substances (such as turning chlorine into anions), and realizes lead by displacement reaction and chemisorption reaction. , reduction of heavy metals such as mercury.

Certification and Awards

  • In 2011, he won the "Best Health in America" award from the American Health Journal

Other Information:

  • Product Model: AQ-4100
  • Filter model: AQ-4125
  • External size: approx. 21.6 cm × 15.2 cm × 8.3 cm (main body)
  • Weight: about 0.9 kg
  • Rated filtration: Approximately 37,850 liters (about 15 liters of water for 15 minutes of bathing time)
  • Rated flow rate: about 9.4 liters / minute
  • Operating temperature range: 46 degrees Celsius (38-40 degrees Celsius above normal shower temperature)
  • Recommended filter replacement time: about 6 months
  • Maximum operating pressure: 50psi
  • Place of Origin: US Imported
  • includes:
    • Water filter body
    • Shower head
    • V-tube
  • Important note: Make sure all the parts shown are complete before the installation begins. Do not attempt to install this water purifier if any parts are missing or damaged. Do not purchase parts to replace the original parts. Use parts made by other manufacturers (except faucets) may result in decreased product filtration performance, system damage or malfunction, and may void your warranty.
  • If the damage caused by the wrong installation, the company will not arrange replacement and / or maintenance, guests need to contact the agent to arrange repairs, guests need to pay the relevant fees
  • One year local maintenance and repair in Hong Kong

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