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Aquasana pre-filter DV-PRE-CP6 for AQ-4000

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Product Features:

  • The pre-filter replacement filter is used in the Aquasana overhead and under-counter drinking water purification system.
  • Used to prevent dirt or sediment particles from entering and blocking the main water filter.
  • It must be replaced regularly, especially if the pre-filter has a clearly saturated deposit.
  • The front filter element is easy to replace, just open the white container of the pre-filter, insert the new filter element and align the thread.

Other Information:

  • Note:
    • When tightening the thread, do not tighten it tightly if it is misaligned. This will cause the thread to deform and leak water
    • Replace the filter element for a month, or if the filter element is darker and the water flow is reduced, change it as appropriate.
  • Recommended filter replacement time: 2 months
  • The warranty does not apply to this product