Alpecin Double-Action Caffeine Shampoo

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Effect 1

For dandruff, Alpecin double-effect caffeine shampoo is effective in loosening scaly and stratum corneum cells and then completely removing dandruff. This is because experts based on dermatology, with reference to the anti-dandruff effect of a variety of beauty products, to obtain a truly effective anti-dandruff ingredients.

  • Can gently remove dandruff
  • Avoid redness and swelling
  • Antioxidant, in other words, can increase resistance
  • antibacterial

In the past, many medicated anti-dandruff dermatology products also used a combination of salicylic acid and hydroxymethylpyrrolidone. This formula provides an accurate and gentle micro-peeling effect and relieves scalp itch problems.

Effect 2

Cleaning dandruff can make caffeine ingredients deep into the scalp. Alpecin double-effect caffeine shampoo contains high concentrations of caffeine, which can penetrate deep into the roots during shampooing. It takes only 120 seconds to detect. The active ingredient forms a 24-hour energy sac in the hair roots, thus avoiding early root inactivation.