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aguard Baby Safety Locks & Guards Made in China Age 0+

SKU: 1H1B-001-01

aguard electric nail polisher 0 years old or older Korean brand

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Product Features:

  • 360 degree swivel head for close-to-nail shape grinding
  • 6 grinding heads, baby's different stages and mother nails can also be used, any replacement use
  • Low noise makes the baby no longer afraid of nail cutting
  • Lighting function, the baby can safely use without worrying about turning on the light when the baby is asleep, so that the user can see more clearly
  • Two-stage rotation speed, adjusted according to nail softness
  • Rotation direction adjustment, left and right hand can be used
  • With storage box
Other information:
  • Polisher:
    • Baby use x3
      • 0-3m: pink, soft abrasive 2pcs
      • 4-11m: green, medium-sized grinding 2pcs
      • Use above 12m: sky blue, rough grinding piece
    • Adult x3
      • Molding piece for molding: trimming nail length, appearance
      • Nail smooth surface polishing: Clean the surface of the nail and polish it
      • Edge cleaning head: Clean nail corners, thick skin
  • Contents: Abrasive machine x1; Storage box x1; Grinding piece x6; Manual x;
  • Note: The product does not contain a battery, you need to purchase 2 AA batteries separately
  • Size:
    • Storage box: 85 x 155 mm
    • Grinding machine: 40 x 130 mm
  • Material:
    • Storage Box: Body - ABS Resin; Cover - Polystyrene
    • Abrasion machine: ABS Resin
    • Joint axis: ABS Resin
    • Disc body: Stainless steel
    • Polishing machine: Steel
    • Storage box slippage: EVA Resin
    • Sandpaper: Polishing Machine / Paper / EVA Resin
    • Dish grinding: wool
  • Applicable age: Newborn to adult
  • Weight: 156 g
  • Note:
    • This product is in use. Do not grind the same part for a long time. This can cause nails, skin pain, fever, and even trauma.
    • This product is used for nail repair of the human body. If used in pets, animal nails or other uses, it may cause injury or product failure
    • When using, please gently wipe the surface of the nail with a clean towel and put it in the storage box.
    • Stores, packing boxes, other accessories, etc., should be kept out of the reach of children, to prevent children from swallowing small parts of the product, which may cause serious danger. In case the child accidentally swallows, please send a doctor to seek medical advice as soon as possible. Assistance
    • Be sure to read all precautions and safety tips for your safety.
  • Place of Origin: China