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風車出版 Windmill Books Made in China Age 3+

SKU: 4714426204459

Windmill Publishing Windmill ABC Recording Magic Audiobook - FOOD Superman Taiwan Import

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Product Features:
Through the magic of recording, listen, speak, read, and write all-round learning, and read it with Food Superman, and learn ABC easily!
ABC Recording Magic Audiobook
ABC Recording Magic Audiobook
ABC Recording Magic Audiobook
■ Product Description
1. Added recording function to let children learn the language from listening, speaking, reading and writing.

2. fun interactive quiz, children easily learn 26 words and letter sounds in the game.

3. with exquisite lovely book learning, followed by Food Superman extend more words together to learn it!

4. additional digital and greet language, as well as four English nursery rhyme, give the child more diverse English learning materials.
■ Product Features
1. Added recording magic function to let children learn English from listening and speaking naturally:
This product adds recording function, allowing children to record their own English pronunciation, which can be compared with the standard pronunciation in the learning machine. Yes, let the children learn the correct pronunciation of English words naturally.

2. interactive trivia game that allows children to easily learn letters and words: within
learning machine contains 26 letters, 36 words, four common life simple dialogue, with interactive trivia game Let children easily learn the meaning and meaning of various words.

3. simple spell the word exercise, let the children learn more English words are spelled 26:
press the button phonetic exercises, you can practice spelling simple words of 26 major English, along with interactive learning problems The single-character pinyin, parents can also make their own questions, accompany the children to pick up and practice other English words!

4. mix of English learning books, extended learning more commonly used words and life dialogue:
pattern cute, colorful learning English words book, in addition to the 26 letters of the word with the theme, another extension 116 commonly used English words, dialogue with 9 sentences, with Chinese characters, let the baby learn with Food Superman.

5. four English songs of joy, singing and learning English is fun:
DoReMi, It's a small world, Polly put the kettle on, Bingo and other four nice English songs and joy, let It is fun to learn English while the child is singing and singing.
■ Product Specifications
[Windmill] ABC recording magic audio book
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: Windmill editors
appropriate reading age: 3 years old
bar code: 4714426204459
size: 26 * 19.5 * 2.6cm
page Number: 48 pages, color, phonetic
Publication time: July 2015