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16BRAND Lotion & Moisturizer


16BRAND Korean Brand Multi-Function Moisturizing Mint Mint Cream

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Product Features:

  • Ingredients: natural oils, waxes
  • Forming a protective film
  • The makeup will last longer.
  • It can moisturize and enhance skin elasticity
  • Reduce the problem of floating powder and makeup.
  • Super strong moisturizing, high water retention

[Super Multi-functional Moisturizing Jam - Effectively Repels Dry Skin]
Kantine Super Red Moisturizing Mint Cream - When the makeup is too dry, it can be used as a primer on the foundation to reduce the floating powder and makeup. Do not subscribe to the issue.

**Recommended for use with Guroom Cream Foundation, the makeup will last longer.

16Brand Guroom Cream Foundation Purchase Link: -foundation

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