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16BRAND Lip & Cheek Stains


16BRAND Korean brand Lip & Cheek Finger Pen lip cheek finger air cushion pen

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1 Orange Chu
2 Crush Red
3 Peach BonBon
4 Pink Shot
5 Poppy Red
6 Plum
7 Berry Red
8 Orange
2020-09-23 2020-09-30 Ready Stock 現貨訂單 Pre-order 預售訂單 Gift Cards 禮品卡 Error 錯誤

[Highly waterproof, matte lip makeup]
Product introduction:

  • Can be used as a rouge with eye shadow
  • High durability water resistance
  • High color rendering
  • You can do bite lip makeup and Two Tone lip makeup

[WOW!! Air cushion pen makeup]
One meets your three wishes
This series is especially suitable for lip makeup~ Compared to the pink series, the Finger Pen will be more colorful
No need Other tools, one can make bite lip makeup and Two Tone lip makeup.

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