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16BRAND Eye Shadow


16BRAND Korean Brand Brickit Shadow Hit10 Eyeshadow Palette

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Choco 魅惑大地色系
Vanilla Latte 柔和甜美色系
2020-09-21 2020-09-28 Ready Stock 現貨訂單 Pre-order 預售訂單 Gift Cards 禮品卡 Error 錯誤
  • Super smooth texture
  • High durability can last for 1 day
  • High color rendering, strong service
  • Light makeup, heavy makeup can be perfectly created and presented
  • Capacity: 10 g

[Girl Heart Sweet Note! ! 】
Chocolate styling eye shadow disc | Build a sight to win both deep eyes
16BRAND In addition to the mini-color packaging of the mini-magazine packaging is popular with Korean girls, other eye makeup products are also excellent. This chocolate-shaped styling is both silky and smooth, with a high degree of applicability and long-lasting strength, so it is very popular among girls.