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風車出版 Windmill Toys Made in China Age 2+

SKU: 4714426205579

Windmill Publishing Windmill 123 Game Card - Penguin Party Game Card Taiwan Import

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Product Features:
10 sets of bright and lovely digital cards, 3 kinds of digital matching methods, let the baby repeatedly practice counting, understand the correspondence between numbers and quantity, and establish the mathematical foundation.
123 Game Card - Penguin Party Game Card
123 Game Card - Penguin Party Game Card
 123 Game Card - Penguin Party Game Card
■ Product Description
Interesting number matching, let the baby happy to learn 1-10!

1 game features
10 group of lovely bright digital card, three kinds of digital pairing, let your baby repeated practice counting, understanding numbers and quantity of correspondence between mathematical foundation.
2 Game Description
Please compile the baby into ten groups of digital cards according to the number shown on the card.

3 product content
10 sets of numbers puzzle, a total of 40 picture cards

4 game
★ entry method (observation + number): Card separate exercises for your baby Figure Count from 1 to 10.
★ Advanced (Cognitive + Observation): Lead the baby to know the points, and extend the number of fingers to familiarize themselves with the abstract concept of numbers.
★ Advanced (Comprehensive + Arithmetic): Mix the cards, please compile the 10 sets of digital cards according to the number displayed on each card.
■ Product Features
1. Happy learning in the game: Let the baby know the numbers and learn the number matching by the fun jigsaw puzzle game.
2. Thick paper material is not easy to tear: it is not easy to break the thick paper material, it will not cut the baby and it is easy to carry, so that the baby can play anytime, anywhere.
3. Colorful color attracts attention: With bright colors, it stimulates baby's visual development, and the whole brain develops and improves IQ!
10 sets of digital puzzles
■ Product Specifications
[windmill] 123 game card - penguin party game card
Publisher: Windmill Books Publishing Co.
Author: windmill editors / painted by: Chen Yirong
appropriate reading age: 2 years old
bar code: 4714426205579
size: 15.5 * 21 * 4cm
Pages: 10 sets of digital puzzles, color, boxed
Publication time: June 2017