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0/3 Baby VINA Beech Wood Crib 0-4 years old

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Colour: Original wood color
Set: Net bed frame
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Product Features:

  • Made in germany wood weight heavy and durable
  • Applicable to newborns up to 4 years old
  • The bed bottom has 3 heights. The highest position is suitable for infants under 6-7 months
  • Baby can use the minimum height for infants over 7 months to prevent the baby from crossing the bed brake
  • Infants aged 2 or over can remove one of the bed brakes to train the child to go to bed alone
  • With anti-bite rubber edge to ensure safe use
  • Single sluice gates (removable cots)

Product Specifications:

  • German beech manufacture
  • Tested by EU EN716 safety standard
  • The bottom plate has 3 heights for self-adjustment
  • Single on the unilateral
  • With anti-bite rubber
  • Alternative double-sided ridge spring mattress G05-DS12060/double-sided spring ventilated latex mattress G05-BBZ60120/organic bamboo-tipped cotton double-sided spring mattress G36-OB12060

Product size (peripheral length x width x height): 49" x 26" x 41"
Product size (inside length x width x height): 47" x 23.5" x 41"

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