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0/3 Baby Mattresses Made in China 1 Year Warranty Age 0+

SKU: G36-OB10260-2019

0/3 Baby Organic Bamboo Slim Double-sided Spring Mattress 0-4


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Product Features:

  • The mattress has two different hardnesses. The fabric is made of bamboo fiber. It is naturally anti-bacterial and highly breathable. It has soft texture and provides a green and sterile sleeping environment for the baby.
  • [Double-sided cushion]
    • Organic bamboo fiber cotton ridge: suitable for infants from 0 to 10 kg, on average for infant soft spine
    • Organic bamboo fiber cotton spring layer: suitable for children over 10 kg, supporting children with high activity at this stage
  • [careful design]
    • The sponge layer is combined with the bamboo fiber jacquard cotton fabric, which feels soft and protects the surface layer from falling into the spring.
    • There are pressure relief holes on both sides of the mattress to enhance the self-adjusting internal temperature and pressure function of the mattress
  • [Friends of confidence]
    • Certified by the International Environmental Textile Association Oeko-Tex Standard 100, is a confidence textile through the inspection of hazardous substances

Other Information:

  • Different hardness on both sides, suitable for infants from birth to 10kg, and suitable for infants over 10kg
  • The five-ring steel slingshot has been set at a high temperature and is particularly durable
  • Natural bamboo has hypoallergenic properties, plus soft, smooth texture that does not cause irritation to your baby's skin
  • Bamboo fiber contains bamboo stalks, which have natural antibacterial, antibacterial and anti-mite effects, can slow the growth of bacteria, and are suitable for respiratory sensitive babies, providing fresh and sterile sleep enjoyment
  • Bamboo fiber is a porous fiber with high air permeability, fast moisture absorption and moisture wicking. The baby's back is close to the mattress for a long time, and it will not feel stuffy, giving the baby a soft and refreshing sleep.
  • The pure cotton pad has a distracting body gravity function, making sleep more comfortable
  • Certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 of the International Environmental Textile Association, passing the inspection of hazardous substances
  • There are 3 sizes to choose from:
    • S: 97 cm x 59.5 cm x 14 cm Suitable for 0-2 years old (suitable for 0/3 baby - SARA use)
    • M: 104 cm x 60 cm x 14 cm Suitable for 0-3 years old (suitable for 0/3 baby - SABRINA; TROLL - used by NICOLE MINI)
    • M(Narrow): 104 cm x 50 cm x 14 cm Suitable for 0-3 years old (suitable for 0/3 baby - JOVEN; TROLL - LUKAS use)
    • L: 120 cm x 60 cm x 14 cm Suitable for 0-4 years old (suitable for 0/3 baby - CLARA / VINA; TROLL - NICOLE use)