0/3 Baby Sleeping Po Zero Pressure Infant Child Memory Pillow 3-36 months

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Product Features:

  • It can meet the different growth stages of infants and different sleep posture habits, and provide the most suitable and comfortable support for each baby, bringing a good sleeping environment
  • One pet rabbit pillowcase is included, you can buy it!
  • Double-layer design, can change different arcs and pillow heights, can meet the different growth stages of infants and different sleep posture habits
  • Low arc, let the head and neck fall asleep and have the right amount of support and fit the back of the neck
  • Higher arc, supporting the weight of the head and neck while sleeping and the curvature of the neck and neck
  • Piece headrests with different curvatures at the head and tail, which fit the different shoulder shapes when sleeping or sleeping sideways, so that the muscles are relaxed and can provide zero pressure support for each baby's neck and head
  • Space cotton can be adjusted according to changes in body temperature and gravity. The baby's body temperature makes the pillow slowly sag, automatically adapting to the shape that best fits the baby's head curve, and the curvature design helps maintain the physiological bending of the baby during sleep, keeping Comfortable body
  • High-density slow-rebound space cotton, adjusted for changes in body temperature and gravity, making blood circulation smoother, and the baby's head is not hot enough
  • The cloth cover can be removed and cleaned, and the odor and bacteria caused by sweat and saliva can be washed away and kept hygienic

Other Information:

  • Applicable age: 3 - 36 months
  • Thickness (calculated in the highest arc):
    • Lower: 3.5 cm (recommended for 3-12 months)
    • Upper: 5 cm (recommended for 12-24 months)
    • Upper + Lower: 8.5 cm (recommended for 24-36 months)
  • Size: 40 cm (L) x 24 cm (W) x 9 cm (H)
  • Peter Rabbit Pillow Cases are randomly distributed

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